Dec 12, 2008

6th Day in Bali

Day 6 in Bali and think this was the day that can also be known as the day we lived in the water. And I didn't mind it one single bit.

Hee hee... that was because we swam in the morning, played on the beach in the afternoon, and swam some more in the evening!

Me think di-di was all set to hit the water, to make up for yesterday's no-show.

He looked cute with his swim cap huh? Daddy thought I looked funny with my orange cap though. Hmph.

But I donch care lah... as long as can kick water with my Tom & Jerry floats I happy liao. Di-di also had a float to use too!

But he just lazily laid on his float and nonchalantly drifted along the pool. Think he was expecting Daddy to push him along lor... hahaha...

Mummy went for another massage session again... and so Daddy brought us out to the main hotel pool which was much much bigger we were told. How could we say no to that right?

The water in the main hotel pool was so warm and shiok! Like it was being heated or something... so of course I wasted no time lah.

While di-di posed here and there with his round float. :P

Di-di very selfish lah... he wasn't too happy with me touching his float. See that he was trying to push my hand away? Heh.

Only when I swam away was he happier... *shakes head*

Anyway, we had great fun in the pool... most of the time, Daddy was pretending to be a sea monster. And di-di & I were the heroes to capture him...


I also tried to spray water at Daddy...

But I kena sprayed back instead.

The sun was starting to scorch... and so Daddy gave us a last 5 minutes to enjoy the pool before heading back to our room.

Mummy also finished her massage around the same time, so the timing zhun zhun lor... 'cos Mummy hadn't got the chance to dip in the pool yet. Which meant a further few more minutes! Yay! :P

We headed back to our room soon after and we saw an uninvited guest happily swimming in our pool when we got back!

It was a small froggie!

Daddy scooped it up into a red bucket, let us see it for while and we released it back into the garden after that.

After our bath, we decided to head on down to the beach for our lunch.

But di-di & I fell asleep along the way! Hahaha... guess Mr. Sun had zapped all our energy. But this also meant Daddy & Mummy could have a peaceful lunch! Heh.

They settled down on a cafe by the beach, and look what Daddy found in the menu!

I think it must be good for the skin huh? Hahaha...

But we weren't feeling that adventurous, so Mummy ordered roast chicken while I got a grilled fillet. Erm, yes I woke up when I smelt food. Hee hee...

Daddy ordered the cafe's speciality - chilli crabs! Too bad I can't try... so unfriendly.

Then there were these irritating sandflies that kept hovering over my food... and they were only attracted to my food lor! Daddy's and Mummy's food were unaffected... they see me small, so can bully ah... hmph!

So I had to use my knife to scare them off! That'll teach them...

Once I had my fill, I hopped over to the deck chairs to get a good rest while Daddy & Mummy were still finishing up their food.

Di-di soon awoke, and so while Mummy was feeding him, Daddy joined me at the deck chair.

It was very shiok to just lie down there, looking at the waves and enjoying the breeze. And it proved pretty tempting to go soak my feet in the cool sea...

Daddy gave the green light, but first I had to put on the necessary make-up.

And then to the sea I went! Woohoo!

Di-di finished his food quite fast... think 'cos he was seeing how much fun I was having. :P We stayed around some more, then walked around the beachfront shops and made our way back to the hotel after that.

And can you guess what we did again in the evening?

HAHAHAHA... yup, swimming! What else right? :) Must swim more mah... 'cos tomorrow will be the day we'll say bye bye to Bali liao...

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