Dec 17, 2008

Baileys & Fluffy

On Sundays when we go to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house, di-di & I love to bring Baileys & Fluffy downstairs for a quick walkabout.

Actually, Baileys used to stay with us... Daddy said when I was still very small, I loved to hug Baileys a lot. But ever since di-di was born, Baileys became a permanent resident at Kong-kong's & Por-por's place.

But I think he's happier there lah, 'cos there's always people at home in the daytime unlike if he was still staying with us. And somemore, he has Fluffy for company...

But Fluffy's a bit old already... so he always need to rest after walking for a short distance.

So that was why we were all resting at the void deck after our evening walk. Hee hee...

It'll be so good if Baileys can come back and stay with us again... I always tell Mummy that my house got no dog to hug. :P

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