Dec 18, 2008


One of my current favourite characters, Barney the purple T-rex, has also dropped by during this X'mas season. So of course I had to go watch! Kor-kor also tagged along, though he had outgrew the purple fever quite some time ago. :P

Kor-kor sat near the front on his own, while I sat a further back 'cos I wanted to be closer to Daddy & Mummy. He very good lor... he befriended a girl who was seated beside him and the girl even asked her Mummy to take a photo for the both of them! Hee hee...

While waiting for Barney to appear, I spent the time singing the Barney songs that were playing through the speakers... and even jiggled to the rhythm beats! Heh.

Finally, the wait was over!

Unsurprisingly, I sat through the entire show, with my eyes firmly glued to the stage.

It was a pretty long show... so quite worth it lah. Hahaha... Plus the whole Barney gang was there too.

And throughout the show, I sang... I clapped...

I even danced too!
Kor-kor lagi best... the last song had him standing up with his new-found girlfriend and they both danced together, hand-in-hand. :P

Kor-kor forgot her name when Daddy asked later though. Hah!

And as a final treat, we got to take a photo with Barney & friends.

And I got a big bear huggie from Riff too! :)

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