Dec 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kong-kong!

Today's Kong-kong's birthday, and kor-kor & I, together with Por-por, Daddy & Mummy, celebrated this special day with a hi-tea dimsum buffet feast! Yum yum!

Kor-kor made Kong-kong a present, with the help of Daddy & Mummy... it was a photo frame with loads of photos of Kong-kong & us, and Kor-kor helped decorate the frame border. Me? I use eye power niah. :P

I was in ultra high spirits today... maybe 'cos we get to open our presents tomorrow! Hee hee... so there I was, happily posing and making monkey faces at the camera.

See lah... Kor-kor must have influenced me liao.

Last Sunday night, we had also went for buffet steamboat dinner with Kong-kong, Por-por, Ku-ku & Jie-jie Sherlyn actually. Hehe... all these eating is making us fat! :P

The restaurant was at Mt Faber, and it was interestingly shaped as a ship. Kor-kor and I were quite fascinated with it... as we ate out on the deck.

Steamboat plus the cool breeze ontop of Mt Faber... shiok lah!

Kor-kor was so happy to be able to be sitting on a 'ship' and dumping food into the steaming pot that when he needed to go to the loo, he refused! When pressed why, he replied that "I scared the ship will sail away if I go toilet."

Well... all I can say is that heng I still wearing diapers. :P

Anyway, for being such good monkies, one of the waitress gave us 1 lollipop each! Yay!

We even adjourned to another table to suck on our lollys... 'cos we scared the adults will want to eat ours mah. :P

Have a wonderful Birthday, Kong-kong!

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