Dec 23, 2008

Cat & Mouse

Daddy brought me all the way to Eastpoint to catch the Tom & Jerry Christmas show. All because Tom & Jerry are my favourite cartoon currently! Well, that and Diego too lah... so I have 2 faves! Hee hee...

The show was fantastic, at least in my eyes lah. Lots of dancing, bubbles included! And yup, the usual chasing game between cat and mouse too. I even got to shake Tom's hand... but not Jerry's though, so I was a bit disappointed 'cos I love him more mah. Tom's too naughty. :P

At least I got a free chance to go up and take a photo with the both of them. :)

Di-di didn't go, 'cos he's not really into Tom & Jerry. Yet.

Anyway, so that Daddy can remember many many years down the road...

While we were having our lunch after the show, Daddy & I had the following conversation.

Daddy: Are Tom & Jerry real? Or are they only in cartoon?
Me: Cartoon.
Daddy: So they are not real right?
Me: Yah. Just like Spiderman, Superman, Diego... *blah blah blah*
Me: *pauses for a moment*
Me: But why we are real, papa?
Daddy: ....

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