Dec 22, 2008


To get into the festive mood and all, what better way than to go play some snow!

Actually, we went to Snow City lah... and boy, was I really excited to go touch some snow.

Think di-di got a bit too excited lor... he thought it was really snowing already. :P

We first had to insulate ourselves properly though... so on went the gloves, jackets, hoods and boots. Remember to bring your own socks and wear long pants if you are going!

But the gloves were a tad too big for us... so it was like our hands had suddenly swelled up many many times. Which intrigued the both of us really.

Then it was time to get cold and icy! We headed into the snow chamber and yup, it was really cold alright! Photo-taking isn't allowed inside, 'cos there are staff going around to take photos for you so that they can sell them to you at exorbitant prices.

That's us above having fun inside. BUT don't know who took the photo lah... I don't know anything. :P

Daddy & I went for whee-ing down the icy slope on some tyres and I pretty much enjoyed it. I would have gone again immediately, but I needed to go outside to defrost a bit first.

Yup, all of us were out for a while to thaw it out... CccccCcCCcold.....

Di-di didn't seem to mind the cold one single bit though... I think he was gaming for more!

We went in again after a few minutes, played with the snow, were out again, went back in, played somemore...

... and finally, we decided that it was time for some hot food! Yum!

All of us ended up with pinkish noses after that... that put us in the same league as Rudolph then! Hahaha...

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