Dec 21, 2008

We lurve to par-teee!

Woohoo! The festive spirit is in the air and we kicked off the holiday season with a Christmas Party on Saturday at Aunty Jilian's & Uncle Vincent's new place. Oh, and Brandon was the host too... :)

The adults had their yummy food and beer while us kids just stared beneath the Christmas tree for the longest time... Waiting for presents mah! Hee hee...

Finally, the time arrived!

Di-di got his present too...

It was a baseball bat set from Uncle Ivan & Aunty Khang... and I loved it so much!

No worries... the bat is made of foam so no need to scared kena baluku if I accidentally hit you. :P

Di-di got a baseball glove set... which means we can play with one another and take turns to bat. Well... theoretically anyway. Hahaha...

Brandon got his share too!

We couldn't wait to get started and in the end, I asked ALL the uncles present to take turns to throw the ball so that I can bat like a pro. Heh. Yah lah, I not paiseh wan.

My sources tell me that there's another one coming up this weekend... hee hee, I can't wait!

Til then, I'll just have to keep bugging Daddy to throw the ball so that I can bat many many times. *SMACK!*

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