Dec 30, 2008

Jor-jor's BD

Sunday was Jor-jor's birthday and as usual, the adults celebrated by going to a seafood lunch buffet to fill themselves up!

Kor-kor & I were so excited... 'cos birthday celebration confirm must have cake mah. And that meant candles! Hee hee... so see how focused both of us were on the cake?

Once the birthday song was sung and the green light given, kiasu kor-kor quickly scrambled ONTO the table and began to huff and puff the flames away.

Me think he snuffed out all the candles in the end lor. Hmph. Maybe he needed the practice for his actual birthday celebration this coming weekend lah. :P

As the restaurant was at Big Splash @Playground, it was the perfect excuse for us to hang along the beach after lunch... and what better way to have fun than to have your own set of wheels to cruise around.

I was absolutely delighted with my mini-car, and think it was safe to say that kor-kor was too. :)

Well, that was until I kissed kor-kor's backside... and my car's bonnet promptly fell off.

There goes my No Claim Discount for next year's motor insurance then... Hahahaha... :P

Anyway, it was nothing more than a minor knock. Daddy snapped back the bonnet and off I went again! Kor-kor started to pose on his motorbike though...

And yes, I am a copycat.

We really enjoyed our rides on the motor machines lots, and kor-kor was starting to attempt to do stunts with his bike liao; like riding the bike with no hands. That showoff. :P

When the time was finally up, kor-kor surrendered his bike obediently while me? Erm, I refused and cried the whole beach down lor... but luckily, there was the beach to appease me.

It was quite a nice day to be out at the beach... and as usual, both of us enjoyed ourselves with Kong-kong playing with the sand and water...

Then it was back home for a much needed nap for kor-kor & me. Mummy said I would be starting school come next Monday liao... there goes my morning naps! So I had better play more this week first... kekeke...

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