Dec 27, 2008


On Christmas Day, we met up for a Christmas dinner with Daddy's friends at Benji kor-kor's house... which meant loads and loads of fun! 'Cos when a bunch of kiddos get together, there can only be one outcome.

Fun, laughter, and noise. Lots of it. :P

The adults had their own table to makan, while us kids have our own private dining area too.

I simply love going to Benji kor-kor house you know... because I love playing with him. Even for dinner, I specifically asked to sit beside him. Hee hee...

Once dinner was done, it was only natural for all of us to assemble on the sofa and wait for the moment that we had been pining for...


No need to say lah... we ripped through the wrappers as fast as we could and got down to the real business.

Benji kor-kor had this ice hockey set for a gift, and both of us hoarded the game lor... kekeke...

Well, think the adults were happy to have the toys to occupy us while they sipped on drinks and chit-chatted.

Di-di & I definitely enjoyed ourselves very very much! So much until when it was time to go home, I didn't want to... and even when we were in Daddy's car, I kept muttering that I missed Benji kor-kor a lot. :P

Well, guess the next thing to look forward to is my upcoming Birthday party then! Hurray!!!

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