Jan 27, 2009

CNY Day I: Photos, Photos, Photos!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

It's the first day of the Lunar New Year, and all of us were decked out in our new clothes to welcome this special day.

New clothes also mean must pose for a lot of photos too... *scrunch face*

... so di-di & I duly obliged, with the big tangerines as props. Hee hee... must be obedient mah, then later can get angpows you know. :P

Pose pose here...

Pose pose there...

Finally, the angpow gifting ceremony!

Me think di-di was only too happy to receive his red packet! HAHAHAHA...

Then it was off to Ye-ye's & Ma-ma's house to bai nian! And in a long-standing tradition, di-di & I will serve Ye-ye & Ma-ma cups of tea as a sign of respect for our elders.

Well, whatever gets us our angpows I say. Hehe... Kidding!

And to kick-start our 2 day feasting regime, we had a quick brunch there, had our annual family portrait shot...

... and headed over to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house for our 2nd stop of the day.

Food was on the agenda once again, and yes, I wanted to pose for photos with Kong-kong & Por-por too.

I even joined Kong-kong for a short poker game. Hahaha...

No lah, I didn't play... I was more of a disruptive element; opening up Kong-kong's cards everytime they were dealt. :P

We then lugged our bursting bellies down to my paternal Tai-por's house, where everyone was waiting for us ...

Why ah???

So that we can ALL start to EAT again lor!

Yep, beside the usual food and goodies, the adults also decided to push the belly boundaries by adding good-luck yusheng to the menu. And since I can't say no when given a chance to play with my food, I too joined in the tossing game. Huat ah!

More photo-taking duly followed...

... before we made our way to the final pit-stop of the day - my maternal Tai-por's place.

By this time, di-di & me were pretty drained out liao... heng got Gucci to accompany us. No, not the bag lah... Gucci the dog. :)

After gorging down some more goodies, Daddy & Mummy decided to call it a day and brought us back home to rest. Well, it sure was tiring alright... di-di & I were zonked out at 8pm! Kekeke... at least the angpows made up for it.

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