Jan 25, 2009

CNY Reunion Yum-yums!

This year's CNY Reunion Dinner was a bit different from the previous years; 'cos we had ours with Daddy's side of the family earlier on Saturday at Pek Kong's house.

In fact, di-di & I preferred it this way, 'cos this meant we had lots of space to run around after dinner! Hee hee... especially with our cousin, Megan. :P

So while the adults were busy having their food...

We, together with another of our cousin, Amelia... we were very busy too!

Busy jumping up and down on the bed, and having a pillow fight! Kekeke...

Then for CNY Eve, we headed back to Kong-kong's & Por-por's place to have yet another yummy dinner with Mummy's side of the family. This time around, it's steamboat!

But not before we played this tossing game with yusheng. :P

The meals had been especially filling over this weekend, and I reckon it will only get fuller over the next 2 days! Hopefully my pockets too lah... full with angpows!

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