Jan 23, 2009

Wet Wet Wild!

Now, this is really wayyyy long overdue... During my birthday earlier this month, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to Wild Wild Wet At Downtown East for some splashing good fun!

It was the first time there for us... and it was like 1 giant playground, only that we got to be wet as well!

Di-di was especially ecstatic about going onto the various water slides, while I was initially cool about the idea of whee-ing down into a pool of water. But after going on the slides a few times with Daddy, I eventually insisted on sliding down on my own! Hahaha...

Yah lor... I'm always like that; need time to warm up first.

We also went on this water channel ride, where we got to rest our bottoms on these giant floats and let the water currents sweep us round the water park.

Well, me think it was safe to say that di-di was truly experiencing the full extent of nuah-ness of the journey. Hee hee...

I sat in one gigantic float with Mummy, while di-di insisted on sitting in one float ALL BY himself lor... don't know to call him garang or selfish. :P

But we had water loads of fun lah... I forgot how many times I went on the different water slides liao. I only remember sliding down, running back up the steps and coming down once again... and again and again...

Well, all thanks to me... di-di was able to enjoy himself silly at the water park. Heh. I too enjoyed myself tremendously... in fact, both of us didn't want to go to the changing room to wash up and change when it was time to go. :P

Erm, maybe we can go there again when it's Mummy birthday? kekekeke...

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