Jan 3, 2009

I'm 4!

Finally, the day I've been waiting for months and months is finally HERE!!!

It's my birthday today, and at my special request, I threw a Diego-themed party for all my little friends. I was so excited that I woke up early in the morning, gobbled down my breakfast, zipped out of my shower and into my clothes and tadah, I was ready!

Ye-ye & Ma-ma came over earlier and gave me my first prsents of the day. :)

Then it was time to go down to my party area beside the playground, where Diego was waiting for me.

Yummy food was set up...

... and the final piece of the party jigsaw - Mr. Uncle Clown. He not only wears a very big and funny hat, he wears many hats too 'cos he's also a Balloon Sculpturist cum Face-painter.

And me, ahem, being the birthday boy, got to be the first one to get myself painted. :P

And Spidey was my choice!

The rest also took their turns to get either their faces or hands painted, with sweet pinkie flowers being the number 1 choice among the girls. Heh.

Of course I had to get an ang kong for my face too lah...

Well, a rocket tattoo isn't too intimidating hor? Haha...

Di-di also got himself a tattoo too! Erm, me reckon it's the offspring of Grover and some monkey lah. HAHAHA!

Uncle Clown then went around twisting balloons for the kids, and he even made cute tiny balloon bracelets for the adults too! But I had to have something more man lah... so I requested for a machine gun and a hat to go with it too.

Then, it was time to cut my Diego cake!

Erm, well it wasn't exactly a Diego cake lah... the only Diego about it was the candle. But since it was from Awfully Chocolate, I was happy with it too. Hee hee...

At least I had the most important job - blowing out the candle!

Think I also shared some of my saliva in the process too lor... :P

Then I had to discharge my duties by giving the plates of cakes to everyone.

Finally, I was able to sit down to enjoy my cake beside Benji kor-kor.

The original 3 musketeers also banded together to take a photo... it had been quite a while since Timothy, Dylan & I had taken a photo together. We had all grown and changed so much, all our Daddies & Mummies were saying.

After the party, Benji kor-kor, Sarah and Clara then went up to my place for some more fun and games! Hee hee...

While the adults also played with my toys... heh.

Then when all the excitement had died down, I washed up and got to open all my presents! WOWEE!!!

Thanks to everyone who came down for my party! I really enjoyed myself a lot a lot a lot... I had so many of my friends to play with me and this had really made my birthday a truly special one. Thank to one and all for the pressies too!

On a side note, when Daddy told me that tomorrow isn't my birthday anymore, I asked, "How come?" I then said, "But I miss my birthday a lot." Hahaha... guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer then.

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Anonymous said...

hi.. scrolled thrgh ur blog... and saw this party u threw.. how much did u actually paid for this. and its really cool..

Unknown said...
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cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Joyce,
Other than the cost of the food for the guests, the only other cost incurred was for the ballonist. He's a freelancer and charges quite reasonably.

So all in all, the cost didn't amount to too much :)(lucky for mummy and daddy :P

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