Jan 6, 2009

Who's the bigger crybaby?

It was the first day of school of 2009, but more importantly, it was the very first ever day of school for di-di!

Di-di's going to the same school as me, but since he was born in the later half of 2006, he will be attending a playgroup before graduating to N1 in the middle of the year. That explains why he wasn't in school uniform.

But I think the both of us were quite excited lah... that's only 'cos we hadn't reached the classroom, so no tears yet... Daddy reckoned.

Well, in the end both of us DID cry. But it wasn't too jialat...

I teared a bit before I reached my N2 classroom. But once I stepped inside, my tears miraculously dried up and I was bouncy and happy to see my old mates once again! Daddy thinks I'm trying to act all macho in front of my friends. :P

As for di-di, he was happy enough to stay in the classroom, mainly 'cos of the toys. But once Daddy & Mummy bade their farewells and left the classroom, he started bawling.

But as Daddy & Mummy peeped through the little window in the door, they saw that di-di was quickly pacified by the teacher.

So it was quite a good first day at school yesterday, and with how the past year had flown by so quickly, I'll be in K1 before you know it! :P

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