Feb 3, 2009

Crossover: Man of Steel vs The Dark Knight

News just in:

The 2 superheroes have combined forces in a bid to quash the villainous erm, villain - Daddy!

HAHAHAHA! Cute or not?

It's actually our new set of PJs, and di-di & I absolutely loved them to bits!

Well, it's a good thing too that the tights are stretchable. :P

I had fun, trying to teach di-di some of the superhero kungfu moves...

And when I got tired of that, I tried some cutsey moves...

I got so engrossed that I didn't realise my pants were slipping down.

So paiseh... heh.

Well, if anyone needs a superhero (or two), you know where to find one!

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Wenz 宛仟 Denz 浩安 Xenz 燿榜 said...

Really Cutez PJs u boys were wearing!!! Happy New Year to All @home. May u hv good health and wealth in the year of OX. Mooo....

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for your wishes! Wishing you and ur family a very prosperous and ox-picious new yr too! :)

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