Feb 2, 2009

Everybody's Birthday!

Yesterday was the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, and it is 人日, otherwise known as the day of everyone's Birthday. WOOHOO! Does that mean kor-kor & I get presents too? Do we? Do we? Do we?

Hee hee... I guess not huh. Anyway, yesterday was the continuation of our CNY visiting... and we headed to Jie-jie's Shirley's place for lohei (again!) and of course, yummy lunch.

Kong-kong & Por-por were there as well. And lucky for us, we had taken a short nap before we arrived... so obviously kor-kor & I were very much little bundles of smiles and energy! Kekekeke...

We then headed home in the late afternoon, to prepare for another feast at home. This time, Ye-ye, Ma-ma & Ku-jie are coming over to have dinner... and it's steamboat! Kor-kor's fave lah... 'cos he loves throwing... erm, putting the food into the hot pot. :P And since it was the birthday of everybody, we had to have a cake right?

Tee hee hee... think it was just an elaborate excuse for kor-kor & I to sing the birthday song... and also to blow out the candles!

Well, we sure had fun blowing out the candles! Hahaha...

Happy Birthday, everyone! :)

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