Jan 31, 2009

Saddle up!

On the third day of the Chinese New Year, Daddy & Mummy weren't working 'cos di-di & I didn't have school to attend. And it was a good thing too as ALL of us were entirely bushed after the gorging and festivities of the first 2 days.

So it was a bonus for all of us to be able to wake up later than usual and what better way to kick-start the morning than to have a hearty brunch. With a splendid view of horses no less!

We went to the Saddle Cafe at the Bt Timah Saddle Club, and it offers a view of the horses going about their exercise or riders doing their riding while I was busy stuffing eggs, sausages & bread into my mouth. Hee hee...

As I desperately wanted to take a closer look at the horses, I waited for our food to arrive rather impatiently. Ditto for di-di.


No need to say... we both whacked lah! :P

After finishing my food, and rather quickly I must add, I was once again impatient to get out of my seat to go see the horses.

Finally, di-di & I got to see the horses really up close.

And they, especially the one below, were absolutely beauties!

We clamoured to get our photos taken with the horsie.

Then Mummy decided to join in too...

Think di-di really enjoyed himself, looking at the horses and most importantly, running himself silly in the vast open green space.

Me? I was busy collecting big twigs from the ground. For what? Erm, no reason lah. Heh.

Then, the posing bug bit us. Again.

And yes, we started posing and posing. And posing and posing.

Mummy, solo with di-di.

Then it was my turn, with Daddy.

Di-di thought it was getting too fun for him to be left out. Hahaha...

And one last shot of the day!

It's a really nice place for a lazy morning breakfast... think we'll be back again real soon. Anyone wanna join us? :)

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bp said...

Hi Sharon,
I hopped over from En and Xuan's! Lovely boys and family you have there, and look at all your happy smiles! =) What a great way to spend your morning altogeher!

Happy Niu Year!

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for dropping by! Wishing u and ur loved ones loads of wealth and most importantly, health this CNY! :)


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