Feb 20, 2009

Frisbee Time

Di-di and I simply love going to the beach... well, Daddy too. But only if the weather isn't TOO hot, he says. Hahaha...

So, lucky for us... Mr. Sun was taking an extended rest one fine day and of course we had to pounce on the opportunity to head down to East Coast beach!

The sky was pretty overcast, but the breeze was so shiok... can you tell we were enjoying ourselves? Hee hee...

I was preoccupied with collecting the many seashells on the beach...

... while di-di, well... erm, he was just being his usual cheekie self.

When I finished my shell collecting task, I laid them all out in one single line... just so that I could take a photo with them. Yah, boliao I know...

That was because I was waiting to play Frisbee mah! :P

Wah say, I look every bit like a professional hor? Wahahaha! But okay lah, my frisbee can still travel a decent distance wor.

Daddy & Mummy can throw it even farther lah... so that meant di-di & I must always run very far away to go pick it up. So unfriendly right?

But it was still very fun overall...

Di-di also tried his hand at it... well, he's consistent lah; 9 times out of 10, the frisbee always falls at his feet. Heh. Ok, my bad.

We both enjoyed ourselves tremendously, and the fact that the weather was cool made it even better... think Daddy would have agreed too!

Let's hope that Mr. Sun will stay behind the clouds again whenever we feel like frisbee-ing. :)

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