Feb 23, 2009

Wash Car Day

Nothing much happened over the last weekend... it was a pretty normal one for di-di & me - going to our one enrichment class, our swimming class, meeting up with Daddy's friends for dinner, and also heading down to Kong-kong's & Por-Por's place.

Ahhh... at least this week I helped Kong-kong to wash his car. Hee hee...

The only reason why di-di wasn't helping too, was because he was still in slumberland. Hahaha... But it's okay; I can do all the work by myself.

The lower half of the car, I can still wash. But for higher areas of the car, like the bonnet, I have invented an ingenious way to do my washing.

I just throw the sponge up high onto the bonnet... and then just watch it roll down. That's how I deem it to be washed. Wahahaha...

What if the sponge is stuck up on the bonnet, you ask? Well, that's when Kong-kong comes into the picture then. :P

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