Mar 20, 2009

Go away, Rain!

Guess kor-kor & I went during this 1 week school holidays break?

Yup, to the zoo! YIPPEE! The last time we were there, the waterplay area at Rainforest Kidzworld was under maintenance... so this time, we were back with a vengeance! Notice that we were all ready to go in our swim suits, and how kor-kor was completely disinterested in the animals? Hee hee...


Within 15 minutes of stepping into the zoo, it poured.

Poor kor-kor was initially quite disappointed... but out came the ponchos, and we were as happy as can be once again! Well, for starters... we got to to run in the rain, and stomp on water puddles! Hahaha...

We slowly stomped our way to the Kidzworld area, and sat down to munch some snacks while waiting for the rain to stop.

Mr. Sun soon showed his awesome power, and off scooted kor-kor!

With me trying my very best to keep up! Heh.

SPLASH SPLASH! Me think Daddy was also feeling the effects of the heat, so he wanted to cool down in the shiok water too. :P

Kor-kor was going wild on the slides, on the ropes, in the water... everything! I think he must have missed the waterplay area in the zoo lots lor... hahaha...

We took a break to fill out tummies with, what else, food from KFC... and then, we were back at it!

It must been so stupendously fun (and energy-sapping) that it made me feel so sleepy once we had our bath and changed. 'Cos as we were making our way out to have our lunch, I fell asleep in the pram.

Ahh, but I did awoke when I got a sniff of the food later... hahaha! Kor-kor told Daddy & Mummy that he wanted to go back again real soon. I don't see any reason to oppose that, do I? :P

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