Mar 22, 2009

Road Trip!

Over the weekend, di-di & I made a one-night trip to Malacca together with Daddy, Mummy, Kong-kong, Por-por, Ku-ku & Jie-jie Sherlyn. This time, we stayed at a hotel near the beach and unsurprisingly, we had a SPLASHING good time!

Hee hee... yah, the pool and the beach were THE highlights for us monkies... while the food and shopping were the highlights for the adults of course.

Well, di-di DID really enjoy himself lots too huh... Hahaha... Well, we especially enjoyed jumping into the pool over and over... and over and over again. :P

But Daddy's too tired (or lazy) to post up all the photos now. So... Check back soon for more photos and updates on our short trip!

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Unknown said...

Hi...amazing efforts to update your blog. I saw your family in Malacca when we drove past the famous chendol stall on sunday. I'm a fan-cy of your blog and always check it out on Monday and was surprise to see you've updated your blog. We too brought our kids(5yrs,2yrs quite close to Ashton & Ayden) to malacca over the weekend and was deadbeat when we arrived home. Well Done!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Lynn,

Oh my... such a coincidence! Hope you & ur family enjoyed ur short getaway as well. :)

Thanks for dropping by too!

Wenz 宛仟 Denz 浩安 Xenz 燿榜 said...

Wow...I must say ur kong-kong is very strong to put u on his shoulder. I get aching all over after doing this :p

Looks like u 2 cheekiemonkies had another wonderful and enjoyable trip...

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