Apr 18, 2009

What goes up must come down

Today, being such a wonderfully good (& hot!) day, it would have been against our conscience if we had just stayed at home. And so, Daddy & Mummy decided to bring di-di & I to Sentosa for our very maiden Luge adventure.

As you can see, the both of us were getting all excited, hot and very sweaty in our headgear while waiting for our turn to go onto the skyride. And yes, we managed to squeeze in a family shot in too... notice my impatient face. Hah!

Soon, we were lifted high up into the air on the skyride where were treated to a panoramic tree-top ride to the starting point of our luge rides. I reckoned my legs did turn a bit soft when I first peered down and saw how high my legs were actually dangling above the ground.

But I guess there were no such issues with di-di huh?

He was so excited and happy to be 'flying' so high up in the sky that if you had given him 2 chicken wings there and then, you would have thought he was a bird as he was flapping his arms so excitedly about.

The view up there was simply magnificent and it did play a part in easing my initial fears... and you know I had truly thrown that to the back of my mind when I started to get all talkative and asking loads of 'whys?'.

And at this precise moment, when we were all still high up in the air, Mummy suddenly decided to demonstrate the full effect of gravity (I had asked that question before) by sending her handphone DOWN into the trees below! Okay, to Mummy's credit, her naughty handphone slipped out of her pocket and decided to embrace the lush greenery below.

After banishing the thought of jumping off the skyride and hurtling down after the phone ala Spiderman, Daddy decided the next best (and safer) course of action would be to comb the crime scene after we were done with our Luge ride.

And luge we did... and boy, it was so fun to be gliding down the slope in our go-karts! Di-di & I were not tall enough to be riding on our own yet, so we joined Daddy & Mummy respectively in their karts where they did the steering while we enjoyed the wind though our hair. So it was no surprise when di-di & I both unanimously voted to go on the Luge again! :P

Of course there was just the small task of retrieving Mummy's phone first and who else was suited for this arduous task but our valiant Daddy. That was by default if you really must probe. Blessed by the jungle-bashing training that the army had imparted, Daddy did complete his mission. And to Mummy's amazement, her phone was barely scratched and even managed to power on! It's a Samsung if you are curious. Heh.

With that out of the way, we embarked on our 2nd skyride up into the sky!

And this time, you can be sure that Daddy & Mummy were not too keen on repeating the same mistake! Well, if masking tape was available, they would have used that to tape up their pockets... and maybe my mouth too. 'Cos I was asking and asking and asking where, how and why did Mummy's phone drop down...

Mummy did eventually point out the spot to me... while di-di was pretty much just about enjoying his time up in the sky.

And once we were at the starting point, it was wheeeee-ing time once more! Shiok!

My stomach decided to turn hungry after that... and it was time to hop onto the Sentosa train back to VivoCity.

And so to cap off an eventful day, we had my favourite food of the moment - Japanese food! Yes, it's my call when it comes to food selection nowadays. :P

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really luv your blog! where does ur family worships at?


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