May 15, 2009

Bowling Balls

Ever since the last time kor-kor & I went bowling at Downtown East, we haven't been throwing any heavy balls for a long long while.

Kor-kor's fingers must be itching for it, 'cos when he heard we were going bowling, he was so excited that I had thought Optimus Prime was coming to our place for dinner instead.

The bowling alley at Kallang Leisure Park also has similar barriers which are raised when us children are bowling. Like that confirm will never go kiss the longkang. Sweet.

And compared to the first time when I bowled, I fared better this time... mainly 'cos I'm stronger now mah. But I still needed to carry the ball with both my hands and give it a strong push down the lane. Hee hee...

Kor-kor has definitely improved too!

Yah, likewise for his poses after throwing the ball... confirm improved. :P

Yet another one of his cheekie posie...

My pose?

I prefer to keep it simple and low-key.

Hahaha... Anyway, we had loads of fun, though my hands did grow tired towards the end of the game. But predictably, it ended all too soon for kor-kor... but at least Daddy said we wouldn't have to wait for another 8 months before we go for our next bowling game! :P

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