May 18, 2009

Subdued Weekend

For someone who is used to planning & deciding on where to go when the weekend rolls along, it was kind of anti-climatic when I found out that Daddy & Mummy had no plans for the last weekend.

The reason? The sicko bug once again lor... I've got a cough, and di-di's got a slight running nose. Nothing too serious but the adults dictated that we have to have ample rest.

Sunday was off to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house... and we brought Por-por to Sembawang Shopping Centre for a belated Mother's Day yummy lunch at Aston's. Di-di & I kept stealing glances to the brand new splash waterpark BESIDE the restaurant, but one look at Daddy and I knew the answer was no. -_-

Well, di-di's nose has stopped going for a run liao... while my cough is still like that; getting a bit phelgmy too. As I told Mummy, " Time to go see doctor already." :P

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Morning's Light said...

hope the little ones recover soon! Hugs to ashton and ayden.

Cheekiemonkies said...


thanks for ur well-wishes! :)

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