Jun 28, 2009

7,8,9... and it's over

Day 7 and it was a worrying day for all of us... Why? 'Cos I woke up in the morning with a fever. Yup, a fever... Of course the first thing that came to Daddy's & Mummy's mind was whether the culprit was the piggy virus. It was also possible that kor-kor had passed his running nose & cough to me, and so that might explain the high temperature too.

Anyway, in went some medicine and my temperature came down... so off to the airport we went to catch our flight back to Seoul. We checked into our hotel in the Gangnam area about 1pm, had our lunch and I promptly fell asleep after that all thanks to the effects of the medicine.

We were originally planning to head down to Lotte World for the huge theme park, but obviously my rest was more important... which meant kor-kor had to be disappointed as he was looking forward to sit more rides & play more games. But Daddy told me that kor-kor was such a darling 'cos he said it was okay that we couldn't go as I was sick. Awww...

After I awoke, we walked to the nearby enormous Coex Mall for dinner and shopping! I think I can't stay in the hotel room for too long 'cos when I went out, I was in high spirits & finished all my dinner! Hee hee... Think Mummy was happy too 'cos she got very cheap stuff at the Duty Free stores there as well. :P

And so that explains why there were no photos for Day 7; I was the main lead for the day with my temperature being monitored throughout the day... and luckily when I woke up on Day 8, my fever was gone! Hooray!

Daddy & Mummy thought that the Lotte World Themepark might be too tiring for me since I would still be suffering from the drowsy effects of the medicine... so we headed down to the Samsung Children's Museum instead!

This museum is purely for children and it has 3 levels with different zones that teaches us science and maths concepts through play. Well, as long as got play I happy liao! Hahaha...

We went up the Level 2 first where there was a giant play area consisting of many tubings and pipes where we can shoot or place coloured balls into them and watch them go whizzing around.

Kor-kor was definitely attracted to the big air gun which can shoot the balls out onto a giant target board.

While I was busy pedaling a bicycle to power up the air generator to shoot lots of balls through the pipes.

The water play area was next... and no need to say lah, this was definitely one of kor-kor's and my favourite areas!

Waterproof aprons were provided for us too, in case we get ourselves wet... how thoughtful!

We then headed to the 'Animals' section where the life cycles of various animals were the main focus of the area.

Kor-kor loved this section lots, 'cos he's into wanting to know more about our body and other animals phase now.

Next up was Level 3 and it was my paradise!

It was a giant playroom which had almost everything that a toddler could wish for - from giant cars & fire trucks to sit in...

... to a complete kitchen play area...

... not to mention a playground corner with a slide! Wheeeee!

Luckily, they had comfy sofas for the adults to rest too... hee hee...

After we had enough of fun, we proceeded to Level 1 where we got to be Constructicons!

Erm... sorry hor, too much Transformers liao... Actually, Bob the Builder would be more appropriate. That's right, we were provided with construction vests and yellow helmets to star our house-building project.

And kor-kor did a mighty fine job in laying the tiles for the roof...

I helped out by loading up the bucket with bricks...

... so that kor-kor can use the pulley system to pull up the bucket to the second storey and to begin laying the brick walls for the house.

I chipped in too!

And after some time, it was done! Our first handmade house... kekeke...

From builders to musicians next, as we proceeded to the Music play area. And we got to try our different musical instruments and also created music (noise might be more apt actually) by using various common everyday items.

We then bade the museum farewell as it was time for us to have our lunch... although kor-kor missed the museum terribly as he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He kept insisting that he wants to go back there again REAL soon. :P

Anyway, he was easily appeased as our next stop after lunch was at the huge Toys 'R' Us at Lotte World! Looking at that smile of his, you would know how ecstatic he was liao...

It was all thanks to the variety of Transformers toys there lor! Think Daddy was happy like bird too... Hee hee... ME? I was actually blissfully sleeping leh... And Mummy was having free time to herself too as she wandered off to shop around.

Heng my senses were very powerful, as I awoke after a while we had stepped into the mega toystore... hahaha...

And looking at my delighted face, you can tell that I have truly and absolutely recovered. And some of the toys there (yes, Transformers included) were much cheaper than those sold in Singapore... so of course that was pleasant news to kor-kor & me!

We shopped around somemore until Daddy's & Mummy's legs started to protest, then we headed back to the hotel to begin squeezing all our loot into our ever-bursting luggage. Yup, we were due to return the next day... how sad.

Day 9 and off we went to catch our flight back home...

Kor-kor was too engrossed in his Optimus Prime & Megatron epic battle, while I was deeply sucked into the world of inflight entertainment.

Well, at least I did smile sweetly for the cam for ONE photo. :P

Til our next great adventure!

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