Jun 30, 2009

Transformers date

Daddy finally brought me to catch the Transformers movie in the cinemas, and I loved it!

Well, di-di didn't go 'cos I don't think he can sit through the whole 150 minutes. Yet. I think he would only be looking out for Bumblebee in the movie, and maybe Skids (which is his next fave Autobot by the way). So if he went, he would be perpetually asking aloud, "Where is Bumblebee? Where is he? I want Bumblebeeeee..." Hee hee...

I enjoyed the show very much, though Daddy had to provide a running commentary most of the time as I was asking loads of questions. :P

I was kind of sad when *spoiler alert!* Optimus Prime died halfway through the show but I always knew he would be back to crush the Decepticons. :D

Now I'm bugging Daddy to reenact the epic battle scenes in the movie by using my Transformers toys, with Daddy taking the side of the Decepticons. Ahbuthen right?

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