Jun 22, 2009

Day 5 & it's Jeju-do

A little scare happened in the morning when Daddy & Mummy woke up late and we realised we still had a plane to catch! Oops.

But we still made it down to the airport to catch our flight to Jeju-do in the end lah... in the end we still had some buffer to buy some breakfast lor. :P

Di-di & I were still a bit groggy after having been woken up so early in the morning... and me think di-di still wanted to continue his sleep.

It was only a short 60 min flight and a further 10 min cab ride to our stay in Jeju.

And when we set our eyes on Blue Bay Resort Pension, we all fell in love with the place!

It felt so peaceful and tranquil there... and of course, the main highlight was always the room for di-di & me.

The room was spacious, with a kitchenette and a separate dining room... not to mention a splendid view of the greenery & sea too!

Oh, and see the rows of plants down by the green fields? Those are vegetables grown by the resort owner, and all guests are welcome to go pluck them and eat them fresh. No constipation worries then. Hee hee...

And so, after dumping our luggage, we wasted no time in going down to explore our resort's surroundings...

... With di-di being particularly intrigued by a lallang plant.

Trying our the swing was my choice though. :P

We had lots of fun running to the different corners of the resort, exploring the different plants and vegetables grown there.

Di-di even befriended this jie-jie there... too bad there was a language barrier though. Heh. But at least we had a great time we tried catching butterflies together.

As lunch time approached, we spent whatever remaining time we had by doing silly stuff out in the open. Like di-di, who tried to balance on a stool made of lava rocks...

... Or trying to poke Daddy using a leaf from the pine tree...

But we were no match for Daddy of course... with a swipe of his hand and we tumbled to the ground.

We then made our way to the seaside, as we were told that there was a Korean restaurant for us to fill our rumbling tummies.

And my oh my... the sea was simply gorgeous!

We finally found the restaurant, much to the delight of di-di & me. 'Cos as I told Mummy, I was "going to faint already." Heh.

Only when we sat down that we realised that the menu was all in Korean, and erm, no one could speak English there. So what happened after that was a hilarious play of charades, comprising of animated hand actions and facial expressions.

And surprise surprise! We did manage to place our orders in the end! A delicious bowl of bibimbap (Korean Mixed Vegetables and Rice) for di-di & me, while an absolutely yummy (in Mummy's words) bowl of cold noodles for Daddy & Mummy. Slurp!

With our tummies filled, we made our way back to our room for a much-needed rest since we had been abruptly woken up from our sleep in the morning...

And when we opened our eyes, the sun was already preparing to set. Yup, we were that tired!

We then made our way to the heart of Jeju-do for dinner and also to stock up on lots of groceries. 'Cos we were going to have a BBQ at out resort tomorrow night! The resort took care of the BBQ stuff, like the charcoal, utensils, tongs, etc while we had to get the BBQ food.

Then it was back to our room for a nice hot bath and sleep...

... But not before spending some time enjoying the cool night breeze outside our room first. Heh.

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