Jun 20, 2009

Seoul - Day 4

Day 4 in Seoul and we start the day off by engaging in some touristy activities - to Gyeongbokgung Palace we went!

This was the largest & most important one of the five grand palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty... not that it mattered to di-di & me though, 'cos what actually piqued our interest were the uncles dressed in the traditional Korean dynasty garbs that stood watch in front of the main gate.

They were standing ever so still that I had half the intention to go try to make them laugh by making silly faces in front of them.


The inner courtyard was a giant piece of open ground, which suited di-di of course... 'cos he was able to put his running skills to good use. While I put my posing skills to good use as well.

Such a spectacular structure only warranted for more photo-taking opportunities. Or at least that was what Daddy said. :P

Mummy was quite fascinated with the palace grounds, poring over the explanatory panels and explaining to me what function each structure served back in the old dynasty.

And I got to see where the king sat in the inner palace last time as well...

... which got me to ask Mummy how come the king doesn't live here anymore. Hmmm, I think the lack of a comfortable sofa might be the reason. Hee hee...

Anyway, we continued to explore the palace grounds a little bit more, and it was really huge!

Not only was there a giant garden & pavilion, there were many other smaller structures scattered further away from the main palace.

We didn't cover all lah... 'cos we still had other places to go (read: shopping), but not before an all important water break!

After going backwards in time, it was time to go upwards in the form of a cable car.

We were off to Namsan Park, and more precisely the N Seoul Tower where we got to see a gorgeous view of Seoul.

These hive-shaped structures served as a means of transmitting information via smoke signals during the dynasty periods... but di-di apparently thought otherwise as he kept on insisting to enter the 'house'. :p

The view up there was simply breath-taking, not to mention cooling too. And they have these funny structures that were made up of many different types of locks which were accompanied by messages.

Mummy said they were known as 'Locks of Love' and were left by couples who wrote messages together with their locks as a declaration of their love. I don't know if that was a hint for Daddy but he was already out of sight in search of a place where we can have our lunch. Hah!

After lunch, we briefly spent some time in this Teddy Bear shop that sold what else, teddy bears and lots of teddy bear accessories.

And then, it was off to Dongdaemun Market for more shopping for Daddy & Mummy. Luckily for them (and us), we were feeling the effects of lunch and drifted off to sleep, leaving Daddy & Mummy to browse the shops undisturbed.

I awoke to find lots of plastic bags hanging on the stroller and I knew that Mummy had a good harvest. Hahaha... In fact, I think di-di was happy for Mummy too 'cos this meant we were to able to go back to our hotel soon!

Make that the 2 of us.

We tapao-ed our late dinner back to our room, and had a nice hot bath after that...

... while the adults were packing up our barang barang 'cos we would be flying off to Jeju-do the next morning!

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