Jun 19, 2009

Seoul - Day 3

After the exhausting but fun day at Everland the day before, kor-kor & I had things easy for today... where we had only one agenda - shopping; which pleased Mummy of course. Hee hee...

And so our first stop was at Namdaemun Market, which is the biggest traditional market in Korea selling children's clothing, men & women's clothing, daily miscellaneous goods, kitchenware and miscellaneous stuff.

Much like a pasar malam but only much bigger and having more variety.

It was a perfect day for shopping, and with me seated comfortably in my stroller, it was no sweat for me! Hahaha....

The whole market was pretty colourful and bustling with activity though it was only morning time... luckily I didn't have to manoeuvre the stroller myself through the scores of people and stalls.

Hmmm, I look pretty smart in my denim vest, don't I? Heh...

Yep, the only reason why kor-kor & I have so much free time to ham it up for the camera is because we need to keep ourselves busy while waiting for Mummy to browse through the stalls lor... kekeke...

Not that we minded of course. We were having too much fun.

There were also lots of interesting food stalls in the market, which provided a welcome relief for us when we got thirsty or simply felt greedy.

Then it was to Itaewon next, where the shopping continued along a long long street of shops selling mostly fashion goods like clothings, bags and shoes.

And for having such good patience, kor-kor & I were rewarded with a cutesy toy camera each (which Daddy bought at Namdaemun Market and we later found out that it was being sold at other toy shops at more than double the price we bought at! Wah, heng lor... talk about a giant carrot head.).

No need to say, both of us naturally had a good time walking along the streets and acting all professional with our cameras in hand.

But there wasn't anything that caught Mummy's eye there though... so we headed for lunch instead and back to the hotel for our afternoon nap.

And it was during our nap that I heard Mummy raided the cosmetic shops at the Myeong-dong shops downstairs our hotel... hee hee...

When we awoke, we thronged the shops at Myeong-dong once again while having our dinner in between. Yup, it has THAT many shops.

The weather wasn't that cold compared to our first night there, so it was just cool enough to be comfortable to be in our long sleeve tops. Which kor-kor declared that he loved the weather very much 'cos he doesn't perspire as much. Think Daddy too lor... hee.

There were also lots of roadside food stalls selling different kind of snacks... and all I can say is that there goes Daddy's & Mummy's diet plans. HAHAHA... Now I know where my big appetite came from liao.

Mummy says that if we DO go back to Seoul next time, we'll definitely stay at Myeong-dong once again - it has lots of shops & super convenient, and it is also close to all the other markets. In case you are interested, we stayed at Hotel Ibis Myeong-dong... room rate was about S$120 per night. :)

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