Jul 17, 2009

Daddy Daycare

Ok, this is a bit overdue... hee hee, but at least it was still in the first week of July. Then, Daddy decided to be work-free for one day and take care of us. And so, after sending Mummy off to work, di-di & I hit the playground!

That's the easiest way to get into our good books by the way... especially for di-di; his eyes always light up at the sight of a playground!

I was happy too...but I was looking more forward to what will happen after we had our fill at the playground; 'cos we were going to look at Transformers toys! Hee hee... Daddy stressed the word 'look' not very subtly of course.

But di-di & I did have lots of fun going down the double slide... with me, erm, attempting a backward slide... :P

After our Transformers window-shopping was done, I quickly suggested that we have sushi (were you expecting anything else???) for our lunch.

Daddy gave the go-ahead and confirm I happy lah!

Di-di must have been pleased by my wise decision too...

... 'cos he walloped all his food real quick! Ditto for me. :)

Daddy even MMS-ed some of the photos we took to Mummy who was stuck in office... hee hee... aiyah, Daddy so bad hor. :P

A full tummy calls for a shiok nap, so back to home for our afternoon rest! Hmmm, we must do it again soon Daddy! *wink*

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