Jul 14, 2009

SingTel RedPAC


Recently, di-di picked up Daddy’s phone, brought it to me and said, “Kor-kor, call Ma-ma… call Ma-ma, puleezz….” Wah, it looks like he’s learning fast! Hee hee… ‘cos usually I’m the one who’s the one wanting to call somebody using Daddy’s phone and yes, I do know how to make a phone call hor.

Daddy reckoned that it wouldn’t be long before I would be clamouring for my own handphone and frankly, in this current fast-paced digital age, it would not be all that surprising. But compared to Daddy getting his first pager (whatever that is!) at age 18, a child getting his/her first mobile phone at age 5/6/7 is quite a different story altogether.

And that’s where SingTel’s RedPAC Plan comes in. SingTel RedPAC is a postpaid mobile plan which goes by a month subscription of $8.56 per month. Unlike using a pre-paid card, Daddy and Mummy will not need to worry when the card is running on low value and also the hassle of topping up the card regularly.

SingTel RedPAC it is the first mobile plan in Singapore that lets a child to share the bundled talktime and SMS from the parent’s mobile plan, not to mention is the most affordable postpaid mobile plan in Singapore. Wah say… which means if I have this supplementary plan, I will be able to tap into the unused talktime and SMS of Daddy’s main line. This means that Daddy unused talktime and SMS will not be wasted then!

Oops, but Daddy just reminded me that if I am thinking of calling & SMS-ing all my girlfriends in school and wasting his talktime & SMS, then I better think again… Daddy will be able to monitor my calls and SMS usage pattern with the aid of myBill – a SingTel ebilling system to keep track of a child’s mobile usage. So no expensive bills there!

But what really takes the cake is the whopping extra 1,000 minutes of free calls between the mainline and the RedPAC line. I didn’t do the math but Prof Daddy said it’s worth about $160 in value and I know that’s a lot ‘cos it can buy me lots of Transformers toys lor. Haha…

Imagine, I will still be able to share precious snippets of our lives, even if Daddy is busy at work. Who knows, I might be the one who will get busier as I grow older when I go to primary school and my own social activities expand. I reckon 1,000 minutes per month will be enough for that. :P

Add an extra 150 SMS to any mobile number, free incoming calls & free 3-month Caller-ID to the RedPAC line, and I think di-di got all intrigued too! Hee.

No worries, di-di! Daddy can sign up one RedPAC line for you too… ‘cos each main mobile line can add up to 3 RedPAC lines! Hmmm, so maybe one more for my future di-di or mei-mei??? :P

I think in time, when di-di & me eventually get our own phones, Daddy would love to have a plan like RedPAC which allows children like us to experience a certain degree of independence, but at the same time it also allows parents like Daddy & Mummy to teach us how to associate cost with the calls & SMS we make and to cultivate good mobile etiquette especially since a mobile phone is almost an indispensable part of our lives.

But for now, I think di-di will have to make do with his limited edition (and very loud) Pororo phone. Hahaha…

As for me, I’ve got to learn how to SMS next!

For more information on SingTel’s RedPAC Supplementary Plan, please visit their website at www.singtel.com/redpac

Oh, and I just found out that for a limited period for those who sign up RedPAC from now til 31 August 2009can stand a chance to win Bay Grandstand tickets to the FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX for a family of 4 worth $1192!

Bring me to the F1 Race if you win?

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