Aug 8, 2009


This morning, Daddy & Mummy announced that they were going to bring di-di & I down somewhere to RAG Day. What? I didn't know they had a day for cloths.

HAHAHA... no lah, turned out that it was the annual NUS RAG Day where all the different faculties and halls of residence churn out a float each and put up an amazing performance each to see who get the bragging rights to the Best Float of the Year (and also the chance to join in next year's Chingay parade I think).

Once I had all the colourful floats in my sight, I couldn't wait and naturally sprinted towards them! Hee hee...

Di-di tried his best to keep up, but the hot sun was really too darn, erm, HOT! So maybe that slowed him down. :P

Daddy told me that many many years ago, he was also heavily involved in this float-making thingy every year when he was staying in Kent Ridge Hall... in fact, his hall's float was the champion during his final year there.

The floats there were very colourful indeed, and di-di & I had a great time going from float to float... just don't ask us to smile for the cam 'cos sun in the eyes lah... now I know why Mr. Clock had his eyes glued shut.

Almost all the materials used for the floats there are either of recyclable materials like paper & cans, or materials which are thrown away. Much like these cute sea urchins... ingenious isn't it?

Finally we came to Kent Ridge Hall's float and it was very pretty! Mummy loved it, while Daddy was busy scrutinizing it up close...

I loved it too, especially the giant doughnut clock on the right side. Daddy said that all the structures there are first sculptured by wire mesh, then by paper mâché and then small pieces of cardboards or tetrapaks were painstakingly pasted piece by piece. Woah, hard work siah...

After we had browsed through most of the floats on display, the perfomance from the Halls hadn't started though, and since the weather was so so so hot, we went off somewhere to have ice cream first! :P

Then Daddy & Mummy brought us to the old Kent Ridge Hall, where they used to stay when they were still studying...

While Daddy & Mummy were busy reminiscing, I was busy having fun on my own by going up and down the grass slopes... hahaha...

Photos were a must, without a doubt... think Daddy & Mummy really missed the place a lot.

Then it was time to head back onto the field and into the scorching sun... and what do you know, our timing was perfect - we managed to catch Kent Ridge's Hall dance performance and I enjoyed it lots!

In fact, I requested to stay longer to finish watching all the other Halls' float performances before we started to head for lunch... but not before going back to take a closer look at the float (read: play with the float).

These yummy cakes sure look real hor?

They are made from sponges & cotton wool! And can you guess what this giant doughnut is made from?

Hee hee... yup, a tyre and many colourful plastic spoons! Nice!

Di-di even found a giant teabag for Daddy to make his teh-O kosong. Hahaha...

I preferred the Wishing Well though... it was really working, and I had fun bringing up the bucket, though I had to be hoisted up to do that. :P

Definitely a fun day out in the hot sun for di-di & me... which not surprisingly, knocked us out in the afternoon. :)

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