Aug 31, 2009

Washout Weekend

We didn't do anything much over the last weekend of August, 'cos Mummy's uncle passed away early last Thursday morning. So we were at the wake on Saturday night as well as Sunday for the cremation. Rest in peace, Granduncle Cheong.

Death - I know what that means. It means that I will no longer be able to see that person forever and ever. I also knows it comes with sadness, and so I told Daddy over the weekend that I don't want him, Mummy, or anyone near me to die. Daddy said all of us have to go away someday, but for them to spend the most-est time with di-di & me, all I have to do is to listen to him & Mummy and not make them angry. Well, that's easy.


Anyway, we did meet up with lots of Daddy's & Mummy's hall friends from NUS last Friday at Coca Restaurant for yummy steamboat buffet dinner! Di-di & I were happy to see Brandon & his cute mei-mei, Kaylene once again, and boy did we have fun fun fun running around outside the restaurant while the adults were still gorging themselves inside. And if that wasn't enough, we found ourselves having ice cream for dessert at Häagen-Dazs a short while later!

Saturday was our usual art class in the morning, followed by the wake at night.

We had our swimming lessons on Sunday morning, and then proceeded to the crematorium after that. We had originally planned to head on down to the Kite Festival at West Coast Park in the evening but darn, it was TOTALLY a rainy day yesterday!

Yea, the $2 paper Jap umbrellas from Daiso didn't work as well as expected. Hahaha... So we found ourselves at Vivocity for dinner, and also to buy some stuff for di-di & me to give to our teachers as Teachers' Day presents.

Well, other than that it was pretty mundane stuff...

Like me suddenly having the urge for a dump at the rather clean Vivocity toilets.

Eeeww... hee hee...

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