Aug 27, 2009

Boom Bah! Boom Bah!

Mummy needed to work the whole of last Sunday, so kor-kor & I had to check ourselves into the Daddy Daycare Centre. Which wasn't too shabby I might add... hahaha...

So anyway, after dropping Mummy & Ku-jie (who also had to work) off, there was only one place to go on a Sunday for 3 boys like us... to China Square Central for the weekend toys flea market! Hee hee... Daddy's idea if you must know. :P

Actually it was because we were going to catch a play at the Act3 Theatre... so we had some time to while away before heading down.

Title of the play was 'BOOM BAH!'. I didn't really have an idea what was it about... but it sure sounded it was going to be ultra loud!

Kor-kor & I quickly choped the front row seats when we entered the theatre; we were just too eager lah. :P

The play was about a group of animals; cat, chicken, pig & goat, who discovered the joys of making music using different types of everyday items... and you can tell that I really enjoyed it lots when I suddenly stand up, start clapping and dancing away! Hahaha...

When the show ended, we had a chance to play and explore with some of the musical instruments that the cast used... under the watchful eyes of the animals of course!

I liked the violin while kor-kor was rather fascinated with this thing called an accordion...

I even gave hugs away freely to all the animals... which I think Missy Goat was my fave lah. Hee hee...

We came to Mr. Piggy next, who was holding onto a tuba.

Erm, me thinks he's so bloated up 'cos he always need to blow lots of air into that brass instrument. Heh.

Kor-kor & I took turns shouting 'hello!' down the bell of the tuba, expecting to hear nice music in return. Hahaha... ok ok now I know it doesn't work. You have to shout 'Music please!' instead of 'Hello!'.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the play, and with our tummies protesting, we headed back home for lunch and our mandatory nap. Once awoke, it was time to pick Mummy up and boy, did we enjoy our sushi (yes, again!) dinner after that! :)

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