Aug 17, 2009

Wolf Wolf!

Last Saturday morning, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di & me to catch a children's play about an all-too-familiar story - The Boy who cried Wolf.

Guess everyone would agak-agak know the storyline hor... a boy who didn't think twice when telling lies and in the end, nobody believed him when he really needed help.

I enjoyed the play lots; I was clapping and singing along to the Wolf's theme song, 'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?' even though I was supposed to be one of the defenceless sheep in the audience.

Hee hee... the programme booklet came with a tear-out sheep headband for us kids to pretend we were part of the herd of sheep. Di-di also enjoyed the play very much... doing pretty much the same thing as me - clapping & singing along. :)

Erm, we were non-smiling after the show ended 'cos one, the sun was too bright outside and two, we were extremely famished. Think Daddy was too, 'cos seeing the wolf attempt to marinate and eat the sheep just made him extra hungry! Hahaha...

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