Aug 19, 2009

Toys Convention

After we watched the play last Saturday, our day didn't end there actually. In fact, we headed down to Suntec for the Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention 2009. Which erm, Daddy insisted was for di-di's AND my benefit wor. :P

That's Mr. Monopoly I think... there's a new Monopoly game launched called Monopoly City which has a new set of rules for the game. But don't ask me any details 'cos all I was interested in was taking the car for a spin!

Did I pass 'GO'? Can I collect $200? Hee hee...

I needed the money lah 'cos the next exhibit was MY highlight of the convention!

Hahaha... what else but Transformers lor... And who else but my hero, Optimus Prime!

There was this big display of various Megatrons throughout the history of Transformers and I began trying to identify the ones that I recognize diligently...

That was until I noticed the other toys that were taking up the 2 upper rows...

So many Optimus Primes!!!

WAH! I spent quite a long time hanging around the display... heh. These toys actually belong to an uncle who also loves Transformers lots and he was kind enough to accept an invitation from Hasbro to display his collection at the convention. Maybe someday I will want to be like him, no? Hahaha...

After peeling myself away from the display, I had a last shot with Mudflap & Skids...

... before paying the other booths a visit, like this one set up by the Singapore Zoo.

Di-di loved the motorized animals display, and he was also quick enough to grab a soft toy to hug.

Daddy's fave was next, and di-di & I joined him as padawans in the photo-taking with Mr. Stormtrooper & Mr. Imperial Guard. I even got to hold a lightsaber!

Then we made our way to the worlds of Lego and also, Playmobil!

Where the moving display by Playmobil kept di-di & I enthralled for a good 10 minutes. :P

Di-di then fell asleep in his pram soon after, and so he missed a photo opportunity with the Dark Knight himself. Hee.

I was having so much fun that I totally missed my afternoon nap... hahaha! So many things to see and play mah... And when Daddy & I finally beared to leave, we caught a glimpse of Mario & Luigi waving goodbye to us!

Or was I just imagining things since I was so tired??? :P

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