Aug 21, 2009

Just looking

Somehow, kor-kor & I simply love going to the Toys 'R' Us at Vivocity... not that we always want to buy toys lah, but even if we just look see look see, we're just as happy!

Especially since there's a huge Optimus Prime guarding the store entrance, kor-kor lagi like to always pop in to command him to 'Transform & Roll Out!' but he bohiew leh. :P

As for me, I still like the giant Thomas at the trains section better 'cos he's always so smiley and cheerful. Definitely a good subject for photo-taking.

I then usually proceed to spend the longest time at the Thomas toys section to slowly browse through... while kor-kor heads out to the, what else, Transformers section to browse through his own stuff as well.

Erm, but not before posing in front of the OP truck. Hee hee...

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