Aug 23, 2009

Golly Wolly, it's Polliwogs!

Yesterday morning, di-di & I were promised a brand new place where we could run wild, play wild and jump wild.

It's The Polliwogs - a large Playgym with both an indoor and an outdoor play area. Woohoo! This is gonna get really interesting and fun!

It's at the former Singapore Tennis Centre at East Coast Park, beside Waraku restaurant. And while the children run amok, create chaos & go havoc in the play area, the adults have a cosy seating area beside with TV, magazines, internet access and coffee & tea all for company! Shiok eh? Of course lah, must make the adults more comfy so that they will stay longer mah... kekeke...

Ok ok, don't waste time talking liao... di-di & I were just to eager to have a taste if the action...

Well, there are the usual tunnels, obstacles, slides, ball pits, bridges, nettings, planks... basic ingredients to add to the fun!

There're also the many guns there, which can shoot out foam balls... of course you would need to grab yourself a rubber bucket to collect lots of ammunition first, much like the one we had played in Korea.

I then spotted a high twirly swirly slide, and of course I had to have a go! WHEEEEEE!

But I think fast-paced action is not to di-di's liking... he preferred the ball pits. As usual. Hee hee...

I soon joined him in the ball pit, and together with a newly made friend, we began throwing the colourful balls towards Daddy. :P

Oh, and we had jio-ed Brandon & his sister, Kaylene, to join in the fun as well... and boy, did Brandon have loads of fun too.

Kaylene is still pretty small, so she can't really join us in our fun yet... but she seemed quite contented sitting atop of a block and watching us rumble and tumble while clenching 2 red balls tightly.

I don't know how come all young toddlers like to hold onto a ball leh? Daddy told me I used to love doing that too when I was younger. Ditto for di-di. Heh.

Anyway, back to the action. :)

Yes yes, di-di & his amazing colourful balls again.

We then got our hands stamped ('cos we had to come back later mah) as we needed to tame our growling tummies first.

And with lunch out of the way, we had more energy to expend... and what better way than to head out to the outdoor bouncy pirate ship!

Wah, so shiok! Di-di & I had such a great time bouncing up and down... no thanks to Daddy though, who created an earthquake so big it would have broken the Richter scale. Hee hee.

Erm, but a mental note to self - next time we must come a bit later 'cos the sun was so hot hot hot and it made the canvas pretty hot as well. But still, we had a bouncy good time albeit the short duration.

But no matter, we headed back into the air-conditioned indoor area to continue our fun!

Yep, more balls throwing, more sliding, more crazy mazy runs & climbs...

... til Daddy blew the final whistle. And yep, I was totally beat.

Now I have to quickly recharge my energy so that I can come again really soon! :P


The Polliwogs
1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02, 5 minutes walk from McDonald’s at Marine Cove (Former Singapore Tennis Centre, beside Waraku Restaurant)
Nearest car park: C3
Tel: 6442 2805

Opening Times:
Weekdays 10am-7pm
Weekends 10am-8pm

Entrance Fees:

Children above 2 yrs old, $16 for unlimited play
Children below 2 yrs old, $6 for unlimited play

Children above 2 yrs old, $18 for first 90 minutes and $8 for each additional half hour
Children below 2 yrs old, $6 for first 90 minutes and $3 for each additional half hour

Additional charges for Polliwobly (outdoor bouncy castle) $2 for weekdays and $4 for weekends.

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Wendy said...


we were there on sun! tis is our regular hide out too.

still new and spacious

Cheekiemonkies said...


yup we love that place too! Hee hee...

Wendy said...


Hope to have a chance to see u there one day.
my package finihing soon, hope durign their official opening they have someting special.

Btw, we are yur ex punggol neighbour, we lived on the 8th fl, with 2 girld


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