Sep 20, 2009

Back at Austin

Yay, it's a long weekend! Can you tell how happy I am???

Actually, kor-kor too lah... hee hee...

Yep, we were back at Austin Hills for a short 1 night getaway, together with Kong-kong, Por-por, Ku-ku & Jiejie Sherlyn. Yippee!

It's a good enough reason to go shopping at nearby Jusco, pig out and oh, have sooo much fun! Hahaha... Oh yeah, we also got new lanterns for the coming Mooncake Festival, courtesy of Kong-kong too! :)

Next morning, kor-kor & I can't wait to get breakfast over with...

Why? Maybe this will give you a clue.

Hee hee... it was swimming time! And boy, did kor-kor enjoy his time on the winding water slide!

I wasn't as garang as kor-kor lah; I still needed Kong-kong to go down the slide with me...

Then it was *sob sob* time to head back home liao... but not before having one last fun bath in the hotel room with kor-kor!

We had our lunch... erm or rather, the rest had their lunch 'cos I slept throughout the rest were eating. And when I awoke, we were already making our way back across the casueway liao. But no, we weren't heading home leh... where to ah???

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