Sep 11, 2009

Fishing in the Longkang

On Wednesday, di-di & I had a mini excursion of our own, all thanks to Ku-jie who was on leave. So together with Kakak, we took the MRT and the shuttle bus down to Qian Hu Fish Farm - where there were fishes, fishes and more fishes everywhere!

When we were done with the fishes sightseeing, I was only to eager to proceed to the highlight of our excursion - longkang fishing!

For a fee, di-di & I were given a tank and a small net for us to catch the fishes from the shallow ponds. I managed to catch a stupendous total of ONE fish, while the rest were *ahem* assisted by Ku-jie. Di-di also not not bad lah... use eye power can catch many fishes too. Hahahaha...

After we were satisfied with our bounty, Ku-jie got some feed for us for us to give the tortoises a good brunch. :)

We had to keep some feed for the many kois there too of course... if not, they would never forgive us! Hee hee...

Then I watched as the uncle packed our hostage fishes... with me all too excited to let them stay in their new home when we go back to Ma-ma's house.

On to the shuttle bus we hopped... to head on back for lunch! Can you tell both of us enjoyed ourselves lots???

We had a small detour when Ku-jie brought us to ride on the LRT... and then we met up with Ma-ma for lunch, where we had...what else... pizza & pasta! Yum yum!

Thanks Ku-jie for bringing di-di & I out...we sure had loads of fun! And fishes too! Erm, though as of today, only 1 is surviving. :P

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