Oct 5, 2009

Moonlight Resonance

Where there're mooncakes, there'll be lanterns. The superheroes kind no less! Hee hee...

Yup, last Saturday was the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar - which meant we had a Mooncake Party with Daddy's & Mummy's old hostel friends.

Too bad there was a perpetual drizzle throughout, so di-di & I couldn't get to see the full moon. But never mind, at least there was Superman to accompany me.

How's the pose? HAHAHA...

Di-di, too had fun carrying his Batman lantern.

And together with Brandon & his siter, Kaylene, we had lots of fun carrying our own lanterns, blowing bubbles and even lighting up some sparklers!

We certainly had lots of fun, and oh - there was also the minor incident when di-di accidentally fell into the baby pool.

He was trying to retrieve his green balloon from the pool, but inadvertently went for a swim instead. Luckily his swimming skills came to good use and his head came out of the water almost immediately. But he was crying when Daddy got him out of the pool though. Why ah? 'Cos he said his balloon had burst! :P

Well, at least he still had his superhero to accompany him! :)

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