Oct 8, 2009

No cows at Dairy Farm

Last Sunday morning, di-di & I were up bright and early to make a trip down to the Dairy Farm Nature Park - a newly opened park next to the Bt Timah Nature Reserve.

Daddy said this was where cows once mooed and chewed grass and produced lots of milk (opened by Cold Storage me think), so I was expecting to see real-life cows in action lor.

I'm only kidding. Haha... the former cowshed has now been converted to the Wallace Education Centre, an interpretative centre with exhibits detailing the various changing landscapes of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

There are actually two trails: One follows an old road leading to the Singapore Quarry which takes about 30min from Carpark A for one way. The other meanders through secondary jungle to the Wallace Education Centre and takes about 10min from Carpark B for one way. (See end of post for map directions)

For this time, we only tried out the Wallace Education Centre route and yes, the trail is relatively much easier and flatter for us kids to walk. There are lesser peaks and slopes compared to say, the Bt Timah Nature Reserve and so, we are able to take in the sights & sounds of the butterflies, birds and many many plants in a more senang manner. Hee.

See how I didn't break a sweat? Hahaha...

Think di-di found the trail too easy too. :P

Since there were no real cows there, di-di & I had to make do with the fake one that was lying lazily on the grass outside the centre.

And yes, we did start to goof on the poor cow's back.

Then Mummy wanted to join in the fun as well. Hee hee...

Then I spotted a baby calf some distance way from the Mummy cow, and of course, we were attracted by it too. Oh, and throw in a few silly poses and funny facial expressions as well.

We did cheer up the baby calf, didn't we? I think.

Being the cheekiemonkie that I am, I even tried to be a helpful boy by picking the nose of the calf. :P

Which di-di duly followed. Kekekeke...

I even wanted to look for the udders to get some milk. But don't have leh...

With the calf being traumatised enough, it was back to the outdoors once again for more fresh air!

There are also 2 mountain biking trails within the park - ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. Wah, think next time when di-di & I learn how to ride the bike, we can have a go at it.

There is also an abandoned home and old-fashioned English garden located slightly after the Education centre. The small garden is planted with ixora, lantanas and hibiscus, which made di-di all very happy.

Erm, actually it was because he had lots of open space to run about and small pebbles to throw around too lah. Heh.

Mummy loved the park lots too... especially the tall lallangs everywhere. Made her feel that she was in another country she said. :)

We were soon getting all famished and thirsty, so it was back to civilisation for a hearty breakfast - at Macs no less! Hahaha... So much for working off the fats for Daddy & Mummy. Wahaha...

We didn't get to attempt to go to the Quarry this time around... maybe the next time which may be really soon!


Dairy Farm Nature Park
100 Dairy Farm Road

Map courtesy of The Straits Times

The Dairy Farm Nature Park has two sections. One trail leads to the Wallace Education Centre and the other goes to the Singapore Quarry.

Trail to Wallace Education Centre

Distance: 200m to the centre from Carpark B
Time taken: 10 minutes one way.

Trail to Singapore Quarry

Distance: 1km from Carpark A
Time taken: 30 minutes one way.

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