Nov 1, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 1

Brisbane-Gold Coast

Di-di & I were looking forward to our Australia trip, particularly me! And after a night flight, we finally touched down. Di-di & I slept rather well on the plane, but we did occupied most of Daddy's & Mummy's seats so they had a bit of a sore bums. Oopsy... Hee hee...

But naturally, all of us were in good spirits as we waited for Daddy to get our rental car. And off we went, straight down to the Gold Coast!

We made good use of the 1+ hours car ride to catch up on our sleep and when I opened my eyes, we have reached our first accommodation of our trip - Ashmore Palms Holiday Village!

This resort is very kids-friendly, with loads of facilities like 2 pools, 2 playgrounds and bird aviaries, which we monkies got a chance to feed the birds every morning! They run a regular weekly programme of children's activities, including face painting, games, balloon modelling, craft and sand art. On one of the days, we even had a complimentary Morning Tea with the Macaws.

And as for our room, we got a self-contained cabin which came complete with a kitchenette. But what got di-di & me really excited was the bunk beds!

Confirm we very happy to be climbing up and down lah. Hahaha... me think Daddy & Mummy were only too happy to let us sleep on our own beds too. :P

After settling down, it was time to settle lunch. And so we headed out to Pacific Fair Shopping Mall to fill our tummies and also for some shopping too.

Which was fine with me 'cos they had a Toys 'R' Us there! Kekeke....

We made the supermarket our final stop before heading back to our room... and straight down to the pools!!!

Mummy had to cook dinner for us, so she missed out on all the fun... but I think she wouldn't mind lah, 'cos it was rather chilly with the sun setting.

But no sweat for me man! Look at how happy I was in the water... erm, but coming out of the water with wind blowing at me was a different story lah. Lucky got Daddy to cuddle both of us all the way back to our cabin for a warm bath. :P

After the bath, we had Mummy's yummy dinner to warm all of us as well! Hee hee...

We all had an early night... 'cos Daddy said Superman & Batman would be waiting for us the next morning! Well, di-di & I can't let them wait for us too long. Right?

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