Nov 2, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 2


The day of superheroes had finally arrived!

Di-di & I were up bright and early, dressed up in our Batman & Superman tees and all geared up to enjoy ourselves at Movieworld...

The moment I stepped in, I impatiently asked Daddy where Superman was... as did di-di who asked for his Batman. We did, however, saw the looping ride of the Superman roller-coaster and the free-falling ride of the Batman plunge and erm, much as we like them, I guess we would give the rides a miss for now. Hahaha... well, not that we can go on it now anyway. :P

First up on our programme was to catch the musical number by Bugs Bunny & gang... and on our way to the theatre, we bumped into a few superheroes.

Oh, and Tweety Bird too!

The show was hugely entertaining; by the end of the show, di-di & me were down on the front of the stage dancing to the closing number. Well, it helped that there were bubbles everywhere too lah. Hee.

After the show, it was time to hit the kiddie rides proper!

But not before saying 'Hi!' to some of the cartoon characters...

First ride we clamored to go on was this kid-sized plunge ride. When we were in Genting earlier this year, di-di was still too young to go on a similar ride with me. This time, he just barely made the mark!

And boy, did he enjoyed it! He did looked a bit scared in the beginning, but after that the both of us were screaming out in mock fright! Hahaha...

Any rides after THAT ride seemed to pale in comparison in terms of excitement. Heh. But we still enjoyed driving our cars, bumping our bumper cars, flying high in Tweety's cage and choo-ing around in a train all the same. :)

After all the adrenaline rush, it was time to calm down and have our long-passed lunch. Heh, who has time to to eat when fun alone fills your tummy? Wahaha...

We grabbed a prime spot on the bench by the sidewalk and tucked into our lunch... all in anticipation of the street parade that was due soon!

Yup, all the cartoon characters cat-walked down the street and gave di-di & me a chance to hi-five some of them...

... with di-di's Batman making a grand appearance! It truly thrilled him to bits. Heh.

And once the parade was over, di-di wanted to go for the plunge ride. Again! And I had no reason to disagree.

It was already 4.30pm by the time we were done, and amazingly the both of us didn't nap a single wink. Too bad I didn't get to see Superman in the flesh, but at least I got a fair amount of Superman loot! HAH!

And no, that was not the end of our day yet... we still had energy to expend when we returned, and so what better way than to use it all up at the nice playground near our cabin!

Well, with all the fun we had... let's just say Daddy & Mummy had a really peaceful night after dinner.

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