Nov 3, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 3


After the world of superheroes yesterday, it was time to go on the rides of Dora & gang today!

Yep, Dreamworld it was and with kor-kor & me fully recharged, of course we were raring to go...

We zoomed in Nickelodeon Central right away, as we knew that was where all our friends' rides were... like Dora, Diego, Blue, Backyardigans... so many rides for us to take!

Kor-kor loved this particular Angry Beavers Spooty Spin ride, where we went round & round, in & out of a cave... we even sat on it for another time before we left the theme park. Not that I minded of course. Hee hee...

Kor-kor was the ultimate captain, carefully charting out the sequence of rides which we were to go on. As long as it's fun, I was game! :)

With most of the rides in Nick Central covered, we decided to have an early lunch... all because...

... Dora was going to make an appearance at the cafeteria!

Too bad Boots didn't appear though. Maybe that was why I looked a bit subdued hor? Heh. But no matter, there was always my fish & chips to gorge on!

With full tummies, the Wild Wild West was where we trotted to next.

We had a go at the Rapids Ride, where we meandered through a river filled with splashes and bumps. Kor-kor liked the Vintage Car ride too, where he got to drive his very own vintage car along a track. I was just contented to be a backseat driver lah. Hah!

We then took the Dreamworld Railway Train down to Australian Wildlife Park, where we got to see many different animals and also got to feed the kangaroos too.

I was in an extremely cheekie (& naughty) mode - I kept picking up the dried leaves on the floor and sprinkled them onto the kangaroo's head. Daddy said luckily the kangaroo didn't box me. :P

I was getting all drowsy after the feeding, and was preparing to have a nap in my pram when suddenly, a new world of colours appeared before me!

Yup, it was the Wiggles World, and who needs sleep when we got to ride in the Big Red Car? Hahaha...

The ride was so much fun that we went on it twice, and kor-kor still wanted to go on it again for a third time! But Wags the dog made a timely appearance and he was distracted.

By this time, Daddy & Mummy were needing to sit down and just chill out... so how convenient that there was a giant indoor play area there for us monkies to continue our play while they sat down to have their ice cream. Heh.

As like yesterday, we left the theme park in the later part of the afternoon minus our naps... and once we were back at our resort, kor-kor & I wanted to go to the playground again! This time to the sandy one. Hee hee... Aiyah, last night at our cabin already mah... so must make full use of the time while Mummy does her cooking once more.

And this time around, we had even more fun with some of our newly-made friends there!

Needless to say, we konked out again after our bath and dinner... leaving Daddy & Mummy to pack our luggage to head down to Sunshine Coast tomorrow!

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