Nov 4, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 4

Sunshine Coast - Noosa

Day number four and it was time to *sob* bid farewell to our cabin of 3 nights... but not before getting up early in the morning to feed the macaws!

Every morning at 8.30am, guests would be able to follow the birdkeeper on his feeding rounds to the bird aviaries.

The birds there are mostly macaws, and di-di & I enjoyed feeding almond nuts to them lots. Guess they enjoyed them too huh! Heh.

And lucky us also got to enjoy Ashmore Palm's Morning Tea treat, complete with yummy cookies & milk!

Oh, and the macaw mascot too made an appearance... more photo opportunities for us monkies then. Heh.

But what I really wanted to do before I say farewell to the place, was to go for a final dip in the swimming pool lah... :)

We then checked out, and headed onwards to Sunshine coast for our next adventure... but of course Mummy had to satisfy her shopping cravings first. Hee hee...

So we stopped at Harbour Town, where it had a really HUGE (and I mean really lots and lots and lots) collection of outlet shops, with brands like Nike, Adidas, Cotton On... you get the idea.

Luckily for us, there were kiddie rides to keep us entertained while Mummy does her shopping in double quick time.

After we had settled lunch, we began our car journey to Noosa in Sunshine Coast. And this time, Daddy & Mummy decided to be a tad adventurous 'cos we didn't book any accommodation in Noosa prior this! Wah, all of us were definitely curious to find out what fate had in store for us.

But no time to worry about that, 'cos di-di & me were feeling super sleepy after lunch... and when we awoke, Daddy was already at the Tourist Information Centre finalizing our accommodation for the next 3 nights!

And here it was!

We got a townhouse at Wolngarin Holiday Resort in Noosaville, and it was a 2-storey apartment that has its own fully equipped kitchen and washer/dryer.

And even greater news for Daddy & Mummy, we monkies had our own room and beds too! No wonder we had to go test test our beds first. :P

But best of all for di-di & me, we had 2 swimming pools right outside our doorstep and they were both heated! Wah, shiok lor... that was what Mummy must have thought too. Hahaha...

And frankly, since got pool cannot waste right?

So SPLASH we went!

After washing up, we headed down to Gympie Terrace for some jalan-jalan and also to have our dinner. This area has a row of nice restaurants by the sea and it was quite nice to just walk down the street and watching the sun set...

We finally settled on this marina deck restaurant, with beautiful views of the sun setting. Well, not that di-di & I can appreciate much lah, but at least that kept us busy while waiting for our food to arrive. :P

Yes, if you can't guess by now, I was utterly famished actually. So it was a relief when our food finally arrived in front of me! I guess Mummy was very happy with her fresh seafood too huh?

We made a detour to the supermarket to stock up some groceries after that, and headed back to our apartment to recharge for the next day.

What's this about some Gingerbread man that I hear? Hmmm....

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