Nov 8, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 8

Lillydale - Mt. Barney - Dairy Farm

Day 8 in Australia, and what a beautiful morning di-di & I woke up to!

The cattle were grazing just in front of our room, and like them we also had our own business to attend to... Jumping up and down on the trampoline!

Nothing like jumping up & down like hyper monkies to work up an appetite for breakfast I'd say. Hee hee... And if that wasn't enough, we still had the swing at the playground too!

All those playing had made us really famished, and luckily we had a great view outdoors to go with our sausage & cheese bread. Heh.

We gobbled up our food in record time... all because it was fast approaching the time to feed the farm animals. And to think we had eaten so fast that we still had time to even pose for some photos!

Yah, di-di was trying to be Superman.

And with such a beautiful morning, it was finally time to feed the hungry farm animals! Woohoo!

Di-di & I eagerly trotted behind jie-jie Ebonnie, who was tasked to show us the ropes of being a farmer...

First up - the so so so cute lambs...

I not bad eh? The goat finished up his 2 bottles of milk in record quick time too! Di-di enjoyed his feeding too, but I don't know how come his facial expression was so funny leh???

Erm, maybe he thought that Herma the lamb was drinking his neh-neh? Hahahaha...

It was off to the chicken coop next, and we had an equally great time in feeding the equally hungry chickens.

I got a chance to help collect the all the eggs that the mother hens had laid. And boy, was I proud of my work! Hee hee... I also learnt something new that day - I had to leave at least 1 or 2 eggs in the hen's nest so that it will encourage her to lay more eggs in future.

Oinky the pig was next, and yup he was hungry as well... much like the kangaroos that we visited next. We even tried our hands at being a gardener for a day, and helped jie-jie to water the plants.

After all the hard work, we went to pay Barney a visit.

No lah, not the purple dinosaur. It was the Mount Barney National Park, which was pretty near the farmstay. The National Park is actually the remains of the ancient Focal Peak Shield Volcano which erupted 24 million years ago. Woah, that's a pretty long time ago!

One could actually bushwalk all the way up to the peak via the hiking trail but we didn't feel that adventurous... especially since it was written on the information signs that it would take 8-10 hours for ascent and descent!

So we just did the usual touristy things lor...

Taking photos...

... and goofing around! Hee hee...

We headed back for lunch and our nap soon after... and waking up just in time for our trip down to a dairy farm.

It was quite the eye-opener for di-di & me, 'cos we haven't come up that close to cows until now. I think di-di was a bit intimidated by all the large cows, so I had to do all the feeding by myself in the end. :P

But what I really enjoyed was milking the cows next... it was tiring though, luckily there were these suction cylinders to help me complete the job. Heh.

And this was where all the milk from the cows congregate... it had to be stirred constantly and kept at a cold temperature, to prevent it from curdling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the dairy farm... and guess di-di was happiest with his parting gifts from the farm. Hah!

Di-di & I goofed around some more at the farm, taking silly photos...

... before making our back to our farmstay, where we enjoyed some TV in the communal cabin while waiting for dinner to be ready.

We would be leaving this beautiful place the next day though; time to head on down to our next destination! I wonder if I would be able to wake up early enough to feed the animals before I leave?

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