Nov 9, 2009

AussieMonkies: Day 9

Moreton Island - Tangalooma - Dolphin Feeding

I woke up really early in the morning, primarily 'cos we we had to leave our dear farmstay and head back to Brisbane for a ferry ride to our next accommodation. There was a really heavy thunderstorm the previous night, but luckily it cleared up when we awoke.

And luckily too, I managed to say goodbye to all my farm friends before I left and I even got to feed 2 really hungry donkeys some carrots & apples. Too bad di-di was still fast alseep then. Well, that meant I got to feed ALL the carrots & apples to the donkeys then. Hee.

We made the 2 hour drive back to Brisbane and reached the ferry terminal to catch our boat to Tangalooma Island Resort, which was a 75 minute ride away.

As you can see, di-di was in an especially chirpy mood on the ferry. Maybe he had enough sleep over the night, or maybe the cool wind and clear blue sea & sky did wonders to his mood....

We finally reached our resort on Moreton Island, and my my, what a beautiful sight it was... the sky was so blue, the sea was so clam and clear, the sand looked so soft and fine - I so wanted to change into my swimming attire immediately but rather expectedly, Daddy & Mummy said later. Drats.

Well, at least we caught a glimpse of one of the staff feeding the wild pelicans close to the jetty. But we had more chances to catch it over the next 2 days.

The immediate task was to check into our room first, and yet again Daddy & Mummy were rejoicing as di-di & I had our own beds. :P

It had become customary for me to inspect our room view whenever we check into a new room, and especially since it came with a balcony.

The view is pretty spectacular hor? And to think our room was the cheapest one available. Heh.

I repeated my request to inspect the beach, but Daddy said there was a more important priority.

Lunch lor! Check out the size of the burger... and to think it was listed in the menu under the 'SNACKS' column. *faints*

But that was for Daddy & Mummy lah; I requested for my usual fave - pizza, while di-di wanted his fave food of this trip - fish & chips!

Erm, in case you are wondering where di-di was, he was hiding behind the cover of the pizza box. Hahaha... and speaking of fish & chips, di-di was in a fish & chips frenzy mood during our trip. He was asking for fish & chips for EVERY meal, including breakfast!

But for me, pizza will do nicely. :)

We then headed back to our room after that for some recharge... and when we awoke, it was finally time to do my thing.

Beach bumming time! Hurray!

Daddy wanted me to jump in the air so many times that I lost count. Sometimes I even landed in the sea lor... :P

Then Daddy & Mummy decided to try the jumping bit too. Hahaha...

It sure looked pretty hilarious. Di-di didn't join in the fun, 'cos in his words, "I'm busy building my sandcastle. OKAY?"

Then Daddy tried to act all goofy. Again.

I tried to escape from his clutches...

... but he always still caught me in the end. Drats.

But seriously, we had a great time whiling our late afternoon away at the beach. Daddy built numerous sandcastles, only for di-di & me to flatten them everytime. Hee hee.

And with the sun beginning to set, the next activity which I had been looking forward to all day was going to take place soon!

Every evening at around 6.30pm, wild dolphins swim up near the beach of Moreton Island for a feeding session. And guests of the resort are given a chance to feed them fishes, which delighted me to bits!

Di-di & I had the chance to feed Nari the dolphin, and both of us really enjoyed the experience. But it was terribly cold though - the sea was freezing, and it didn't help that it was rather windy. And to think it was on the brink of summer... Daddy said he can't imagine how cold it would be if we had came during winter time. Brrrr....

A relaxing hot bath was next, and we soon drifted off to dreamland rather swiftly. All because of the exciting activities we have on the next day!

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