Nov 10, 2009

Grooving & Jiving

Last Saturday, I made my worldwide debut stage performance in my school's Graduation Concert!

Initially, Daddy & Mummy was a bit worried as to how I would perform on stage, due to my *ahem* sometimes erratic moods. But looking at the photos, you could say I was darn serious on putting up a good show for everyone to enjoy. :)

And enjoyed they did! All of them - Daddy, Mummy, Ye-ye, Ma-ma, Kong-kong, Por-por & even Kakak - came down to support kor-kor & me. And I know I made them chuckle quite a few times with my energetic display. Hee.

Kor-kor's turn was up next... and my, he was the seasoned pro liao since it was his second time performing.

I didn't catch kor-kor's performance, but Mummy said he danced very well too!

And when the finale came on, I was still raring to go... singing on the top of my voice with real gusto...

Ditto for kor-kor & his friends.

Or was it because we were all hungry from performing and were looking forward to the reception food outside the auditorium? Wahaha...

In any case, there were still the usual photo-taking to go around first...

Without knowing, I have already been in school for one whole year. Now that's really fast! Kor-kor will be in K1 next year, and soon it'll be primary school for him, with me following close behind. No wonder Daddy & Mummy remarked that we are growing up way too fast...

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