Nov 29, 2009

Austin Again

Di-di & I love it when the weekends arrive, especially if it's a long one! Daddy & Mummy made a last minute decision to bundle all of us up north, to where else - our fave JB haunt of the year, Austin Hills for a one night getaway.

It was hello once again to the big big room at Austin Hills, and also to our beloved swimming pool & winding slide! No wonder di-di was in a superb mood too. Hee hee...

And if you are staying at Austin Hills, it would be a terrible shame if you did not pop by at the nearby Jusco. A place I would never be sick of going! Why ah? 'Cos of this lor!

Kekeke... yup, children's paradise! But of course, we had to go fill our tummies first.

Which was yummy shabu-shabu... or as I call it; mini steamboat. :P

One of my current favourite foods which counts sushi & pizza among them. :) And me think di-di's too, apart from his beloved fish & chips of course.

I couldn't wait to get started, but once I did, I quickly wolfed down my yummy dinner. And I was so bloated that I could have sworn my cheeks looked puffier.

But there was always a good workout waiting for us at the playzone in Jusco!

So many rides, so little tokens! :P

And I have recently taken an interest in playing these game machines that pit animals against one another, using animal cards or special power cards to defeat my opponent.

Which I can only get to play here, 'cos it is way too expensive to play in Singapore Daddy said. Oh well, better than nothing huh? Heh.

And while Mummy was off doing some shopping of her own, di-di & I wandered around the playzone, carefully strategizing and planning our assault on the many kiddy rides there.

I loved the fire engine one, which could turn round & round and move forward & backward. Di-di, though, was eyeing on one particular bus.

Which could take the both of us - very value for tokens! Hahaha...

As our tokens slowly dwindled, it was time for one last ride before heading back to our room for a nice snooze.

Next morning, and a yummy breakfast later...

... We found ourselves at the pool once again - a final splash before we headed back home with me wishing for the next long weekend to come soon!

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